How to secure a job promotion

Nowadays, doing a good job isn’t always enough to secure you a promotion. To make sure your hard work will take you in the right direction, follow these tips:

Be clear on your goals
If you want a promotion, be clear on the reasons why you could demonstrate the requirements of your next position. Also, do you want to progress within your existing company or elsewhere? Be clear on your goals and express them through your resume and cover letter.

Make friends with the boss
If you want an internal promotion, speak to your manager about how you can be more effective at work. Honest feedback is crucial to your progression. If you want to progress externally to your company, research the competition and find out what they need from their employees.

Focus on your professional development
Identify courses that will increase your knowledge and are relevant to your career path. Pursue the qualifications and let others know when you’ve secured them.

Identify new opportunities
Be pro-active and identify new opportunities and trends on behalf of your firm. If you notice a gap in the market, let your managers know and act on your findings.

Look smart
Good advice is to dress as if you’re doing the job which is a level above yours to help others visualize you in that position. How we look makes us feel more confident, which can only be a positive in the workplace.

Be visible
Talk to people in other areas of the organization and key players in your industry via relevant events. By networking and becoming known, others notice you and naturally, more job opportunities will come your way.

A job promotion takes preparation, hard work and effort. However, focus, determination and your natural abilities will take you to the point you want to reach in your career during the fullness of time.

Written by Pardeep.