How to impress with your graduate resume

If you’re a student or graduate, the thought of writing a compelling resume that will help you kick-start your career may seem daunting.

However, rather than face a blank screen, the best place of start is to think about the experience you have gathered to date and the skills you have gained from it. Focus on what was memorable about your experiences too. Are these skills going to be of interest to a potential employer? Often, you will find they are! So take a second look at what you thought were menial jobs. Similarly, the achievements you gained from extra-curricular or voluntary activities could impress a potential employer.

An employer will also be pleased if you can quantify your achievements in numbers, e.g. did your customer service skills contribute to a 60% reduction in complaints?

Essentially, what graduates need is a focused one-page marketing document, with a specific career objective. Descriptions of previous jobs and experience should be related to your goals. This means adding a statement around the fact that you’re looking for “an entry level finance position” or gear your resume objective around a particular job advert.

As a recent graduate, it’s recommended to include your education details at the top. Include your school, your major, the degree you expect to earn and the year you will graduate. It may also be wise to include coursework or modules that are relevant to the type of jobs you’re applying for.

In addition to explaining your experience and using the right format, remember that language is also crucial. Use active words wherever possible to liven up a resume and make it appealing to the reader. Great examples include ‘convince’, collaborate’, ‘publicize’ and ‘persuade’.

With a little effort and attention to detail, you could be the owner of a first-rate resume.

Written by Pardeep.