How to create a killer resume

Whether you’re looking for a part-time job, a summer job or your first graduate job, you will want to create a truly impressive resume. Here are some important points to bear in mind:

Make the format pleasing
Think about fonts and different sections to make your resume look appealing. It needs to be easy on the eye as well as effortless to read, whilst being consistent and neat so that information is easy to pick out.

Get the structure right
Think about the different sections you actually want and need on your resume. Typical sections are the Professional Profile, Skills, Education and Experience or a Career Summary. However, you may also want to include certificates, split out volunteering, paid work and work experience or include a hobbies section.

Remember that contact details should be placed clearly at the top of a resume.

Education and experience sections
Education should be written in date order. You can add particular modules in your university course that you excelled at or those that are relevant to the job in question. Don’t go into great detail when it comes to your High School education however. There’s no need to list every subject you passed.

This is the section that takes the most work, if you want it to be read and fully appreciated. Again, the experience section should be chronological with the latest role at the top. You need to have your job title and the date you worked there, whilst summarizing your role in a few bullet points. Refer to skills you used and projects you worked on. Remember to only summarize and list older jobs if you have a long career history that spans over 10-15 years.

Skills sections
For example, you may want to add a software section if relevant and bullet-point list your skills in this area, perhaps grading your competence, e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver (basic). The same is the case in regards to your proficiency at speaking different languages.

Once these sections are perfected, you will be well on your way to creating a killer resume.

Written by Pardeep.