The importance of networking for your career

As we seek to advance our careers, there is one issue we simply cannot ignore and that is the value networking can contribute to your career. To sustain your success, networking will always be your most powerful self-marketing tactic.

Anyone that leads a company or is a major player in their industry will understand the importance of networking and will recognize how it has contributed to their success. Networking can be face to face or via social media and is essentially about making the right connections and building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Ultimately, it’s about getting your talents known by the right people.

People ultimately want to work with those they like and trust, so deepening relationships throughout your career with managers and senior colleagues is a must in today’s competitive jobs market.

In regards to your current role, what can you do that will add value to their role? Be proactive and make helpful suggestions. You may be surprised by the response. Or why not ask them out to lunch so you can start to understand them better?

By cultivating such relationships and leveraging your network you can establish professional relationships that will prove useful to you throughout your career, particularly if you work within a closed, tight knit industry. Alternatively, meet industry influencers through relevant events through being brave and introducing yourself.

Networking helps you learn about the dynamics of your company and industry and enables you to connect with a professional community. That is the reason why more and more professionals are joining relevant professional groups on LinkedIn.

Further advantages of being an active networker include accessing new career opportunities, enhancing your knowledge and accelerating your professional development. So, if you want to develop and advance your career, ignore networking at your peril!

Written by Pardeep.