How to discuss your career progression

Clear and open communication on your professional development is essential. Moving forward in your working life is important and is what motivates and inspires us all. Whatever your goals, you need to become comfortable in communicating your thoughts with senior managers.

You may find it difficult to discuss your professional development but here are some tips that could help:

Book a clear time slot
You need sufficient time to discuss your career. Ask for a time slot and be clear on your discussion points. Although your manager may be busy, they will understand the importance of the meeting and could mention opportunities to you that you may not even have been aware of, if given a chance to prepare for the meeting.

Reflect on your strengths, abilities and achievements in advance and consider areas of further development to ensure a constructive discussion. Don’t forget that it’s not only your manager you may want to discuss your career with but also another influential colleague or the HR department.

Involve co-workers
Discuss your thoughts and feelings with co-workers in advance to focus your own career goals, gain new ideas and consider what is possible within your organization. Other people can often help you see obstacles from a different perspective.

Be willing to learn
Demonstrating a willingness to learn and embarking upon learning and development opportunities, from a training course to a secondment, will increase your skills and knowledge and impress your manager. Others are keen to encourage and support you in your career if you are confident enough to be pro-active and take your career development into your own hands.

Whatever you do, don’t avoid a discussion about your career advancement. By regularly reviewing your goals and aspirations, including the steps you need to take to get there, you can assure you are not doing yourself a dis-service.

Written by Pardeep.