Why a recruiter could hate your resume

The purpose of a professional resume is always to impress a potential recruiter, so that your resume goes into the ‘yes’ pile. However, common mistakes can prevent this.

Most recruiters are in agreement that these are the ‘quirks’ they hate most in a resume:

Functional formats
Functional formats with a skills section at the beginning and a brief work history are recommended for career changers or those who have taken a break. However, a traditional style of resume is preferred, as it shows a solid employment record and experience. When career achievements and progression are clearly in context, the recruiter’s job is made easier.

In a competitive job market, relevant experience is what recruiters are looking for and undoubtedly, they will usually look at your last job title.

Remember to search the job description and include details in your resume that show you’re a good match. If you’re applying online, consider the keywords for the role as your resume may be automatically filtered and use the right terminology throughout your application.

If you’re aiming for a career change, only pick out the most relevant details from your experience, minimize the rest and again, use the right keywords from job descriptions.

A weak professional profile
Don’t make this too generic. Summarize the past and what you wish to achieve next, as well as the relevant knowledge and experience that will get you there. The profile should be brief and supported by concrete examples in your resume.

Make sure that no piece of relevant information is missing and that you’ve included all the information you need to in your resume and cover letter to support your application. Keep your resume to 2 pages and explain any jargon. Spelling and grammatical errors must be avoided too!

Generic cover letters
These are a ‘no-no’ as you need to demonstrate understanding of the job specification. Keep the letter brief yet relevant, with solid examples of how you match the requirements of the role.

Written by Pardeep.