Conquering the fear of explaining career gaps

There are many reasons for taking a career break but addressing these reasons via your resume can be challenging and can get tricky during your job search too.

However, the right approach is what you need. Follow these tips to conquer your fear of explaining career gaps.

Firstly, remember that you don’t need to include all of your experience via your resume. Scaling down the detail for some of your roles could help handle the issue.

You don’t need to include your reasons for leaving positions and omitting months and only including years of employment for job roles is perfectly acceptable. This will make your resume concise and minimize gaps.

If you feel the need to elaborate on your career gap, then your cover letter is the tool to use. Suggest why you perceive the new position as a perfect way to get back to work. Address the issue early in the letter and focus on the strengths within your resume.

Honesty is always the best policy when addressing a career gap but be discreet. You don’t have to go into all the detail. Leaving out gaps or lying is likely to back-fire on you, so don’t risk not securing the job that you’re pursuing.

Always demonstrate your pro-activeness. So, if you have taken a course or a voluntary position whilst you’ve been searching for work, use this as an example of how you effectively utilize time and take your career development seriously.

Be positive about the reasons for your career break and reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’re implementing positive changes to your career as a result of the break.

If you reach the interview stage, prepare your response for questions about your career gap, keeping that response concise and to the point.

Ultimately, you are not alone. It’s not unusual to have a gap in your employment history but it will stand out if you don’t explain it. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and readiness to re-enter the workforce and intelligently explain why you feel the new position is the perfect fit for you.

Written by Pardeep.