How to make your graduate job application stand out

It’s never easy to make your graduate resume or job application stand out against all the rest but by taking the following tips on board, you can maximize your chances of securing career success:

Gain relevant experience
To help you secure a permanent position, start out by completing an internship to gain relevant experience. Look out for job boards online for internship opportunities and don’t forget that smaller or start-up firms can be fantastic to gain that much needed experience. These firms prioritise your attitude, enthusiasm and skills over experience, meaning they are a great fit for graduates.

Tailor job applications
Address each point on a person specification and clearly outline where you have demonstrated the required competencies and to what level, using solid examples and evidence.

Highlight your achievements
Highlights your achievements on your resume and quantify these to gain attention. For example,  if you saved your employer money, mention how much. Recruiters wish to see why they should invest in you and what benefit you will bring them.

Identify challenges within the role
Identify the key challenges using background research and pinpoint individual instances of your past experience against each of these challenges, showing how you have both the experience and the potential to tackle the job.

Set yourself apart
Many graduates hold very similar and often limited skills and experiences. Illustrate transferable skills but remember to use your experiences to set yourself apart as an individual.

Have a clear direction
Use the professional profile section of your resume and your cover letter to focus towards the job you’re applying for. This should align with any broad experiences you’ve had and highlight how they transfer well to the role you are applying for.

Make your application stand out
Why not send copies of your resume and a cover letter on good quality paper and deliver it to your target employers? With so many applicants applying for the same position, presentation and originality counts and a well-crafted, paper resume could make all the difference.

Written by Pardeep.