Why do you want to work here?

Whether on a job application form or at an interview, “Why do you want to work here?” is a question you are sure to come across, so make your answer stand out.

An employer wants to know that you want to work for them, as someone who is enthusiastic about their company will work harder, be more productive and stay at the company for longer.

In terms of your answer, the key to success lies in thorough research. While the company’s website is a great place to start, you’ll need to go beyond the basics to really impress. Look at news articles and press cuttings too. Make a note of what you learn and what you think and feel about it, so you can use this analysis when the opportunity is right.

In your answer, focus on what the organization actually does, the work culture, recent successes and the challenges they face, the philosophy and goals behind the organization and any special training and development offered.

Be sure not to mention how fantastic the salary, commission or holiday entitlement is or there’s a danger of portraying yourself as someone who is more interested in perks.

Giving solid reasons for wanting to work for the company is a way to demonstrate what a fantastic candidate you are. Remember that your application and interview is a personal sales pitch and stating strong reasons for choosing you above other candidates are an essential element of the pitch.

Remember to also communicate how your skills or preferences match what the company is looking for, so they can see that you’re the perfect fit.

Reflecting upon your research and stating your ability to match the company’s needs and ideals to your own skills and preferences is what will truly impress in your detailed answer to this classic interview question.

Written by Pardeep.