Premium CV/Resume Writing

The Premium CV/Resume service gives you a one-on-one session with our Chairman and Founder, bestselling careers author James Innes. Having literally written the book on "The CV" James, a.k.a. The Jobs Guru, is a renowned and acknowledged authority on career advice.

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The service offers a professionally tailored CV/Resume written by James himself, and provides you with an initial 30 minute phone or online video consultation with him to discuss your specific needs or queries.

The Premium CV/Resume Writing Service Includes:

  • Professionally tailored CV/Resume by the bestselling author, regardless of your years of experience
  • Personal call / online video consultation with James with potential follow-up sessions
  • Expert insight on what should be included in your CV/Resume and how this should be presented

Whilst we believe the provision of a professionally written CV/Resume, especially one written by an industry leader such as James Innes, will provide you with a major competitive advantage in your job search, we are unable to guarantee you will secure an interview or job.

I used my new CV for a role this week for the first time. One new CV, one interview, one job offer accepted! Not bad?!
Mr. Tony O., Senior Vice President Logistics, Hong Kong
Updating your CV can be stressful and challenging because you lack the expertise as to what a potential employer is looking for. So what I appreciated most about working with James was his ability to take the outpourings of my mind from my career over the last 20 years and deliver the expected results - and then some. Even more impressive is that he truly understands his client’s and the market’s needs at the outset and eliminated the need for numerous draft revisions. I am very impressed and highly recommend James.
Mr Adrian W., IT Service Manager, London
I found the whole operation flawless. I was initially concerned the lead time between placing an order and receiving a completed CV would be a little slow – what with you being only one person! However, I am exceptionally grateful for your hasty response to my request; the whole thing completed in under two weeks. I also felt extremely grateful of your interest in my thoughts on the first draft, and on how we could mould the CV to fit my personal requirements. I’ve heard it said that CV writers produce generic CVs that are obvious for recruiters to spot. However, due to your knowledge and approach, I felt I received a CV extremely unique to me, with the added benefit of being exactly as a CV should be.
Ms. Francesca T., Development Manager, Manchester